New Album "AWAKE" now available for Download!!!!

My new album "Awake" is finally available for download @ 

11 song download for $10.00

Please go to:  http : //

Hard Copy's of the CD "Awake" are only available by emailing:

Thanx for your support !!!!!


New CD "AWAKE" Pre-Release Available NOW!!

I'm happy to announce that I am pre-releasing 200 copies of my newest album titled, "AWAKE".

Thank You to all those who pre-ordered my new album...

If you haven't received your copies of the album please email me ASAP...



New Album "AWAKE" Coming Soon With Your Help !!

Its Spring !!!! Thanx for checking out my new site. I am almost finished with my new album. Just a few more vocal takes and some finishing touches on the mixes. So far I have funded the costs of recording…


IN THIS MOMENT ( now available!!!!!)

Wishing You A Beautiful Spring I am excited to announce the Official Release of my debut album, "In This Moment" We have re-mixed & re-mastered it, with new vocals & some new instrumentation as well. We also have re-packaged…