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Deep gratitude to all my friends, family and fans who help support the flow of inspiration that works through me as an artist. Donations to support production and travel though my journey are truly appreciated. Thank you! 




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Maesyn Musing & David Kai

Maesyn & David Kai @ Jackson Wellsprings, 2253 Rogue Valley Hwy 99 N., Ashland, Oregon

David Kai opening for Maesyn Musing @ Jackson Wellsprings in Ashland, Oregon 7pm-11pm 



David Kai @ Wild Wines

David Kai @ Wild Wines, 4550 Little Applegate Rd., Jacksonville, Oregon

David Kai live @ Wild Wines


David Kai @ South Stage Cellars

David Kai @ South Stage Cellars, 125 S 3rd St., Jacksonville, Oregon

David Kai @ South Stage Cellars 6-8pm